February 7 / Proverbs 7 / Mark 10


Proverbs 7:1-5

Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a part of your beloved family.

A gym membership for your mind.

Cultivate an intimacy and familiarity with YHWH and His word. As we do this, our minds are renewed and God’s nature seeps into our nature more and more, until it begins to really take over and actually become our very nature. Our natural responses turn into His responses the closer we get to Him, the more we feed ourselves on Him and His word.

I’ve been reading so much lately about rewiring your brain, and how scientists did not think this was possible to do in adulthood–that is, until discoveries were made in the last ten to fifteen years or so that blew this away. This is huge in both the spiritual and so-called “secular” world right now. Some call it mindfulness. Brother Lawrence called it the practice of the presence of God back in the 1600s.

Of course this has really been known by those who have been regenerated by Christ for a couple thousand years now. Meditating on God and His word will rewire your brain for joy and happiness–toward godliness.

Anyone can do this.

Do you?

Is it worth your time?

 Mark 10:17-22

Jesus looked hard at him, and loved him. “One more thing,” He said. “Go away, and whatever you possess-sell it, and give it to the poor. You will have treasure in heaven! Then; come and follow me.”

The problem here is not the man’s possessions, but rather his priorities. Nowhere does the Bible tell us it is wrong to be wealthy. Let us not make the mistake and apply this specific story to all people. In fact, there are many godly, wealthy people mentioned- Job, Abraham, Nicodemus, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Joseph of Arimathea, Barnabas, Philemon.

It’s been said that God rarely if ever works the exact same way twice. He works with each of us where we’re at in our unique situations. Tho, we never ignore universal truths. There is a danger, if you will, a temptation, that comes with having a lot.

It is our attitude toward wealth that matters to God, because our attitude will determine how we manage the possessions He entrusts to us.

Some have taken a vow of poverty. Awesome!

Some have great wealth and use it in furthering the Kingdom of God. Awesome!

May we ensure that we are ready to give up anything that hinders us from being in the kingdom of God, in the range of His effective will, inside that place where what He wants done is being done and we are a privileged part of it!

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