February 5 / Proverbs 5 / Mark 8


Proverbs 5:22

If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that most of what we call our problems are self-created. The cords around our neck, holding us back, are usually our own sins. Repentance and surrender are our only realistic options that result in peace, release, freedom, and victory.

Awareness must then lead us to acceptance, not blame. When has anyone succeeded in anything thru blame? You never hear the inspirational story:

“Once I finally blamed everyone else for all of my problems I really started to heal and get out of the hole I was in. It took so much pressure off, knowing nothing was my fault and that I owned no responsibility whatsoever. I’m so thankful I came to this wonderful, peace-filled realization that there’s just nothing I can do to improve myself.”

Always accept that YOU are the problem and then proceed. Tho it sounds counter intuitive, this is extremely freeing and empowering. There is now something you can do! There is much you can do! You have a choice. You are not enslaved to anything because Christ already defeated everything you can be enslaved to around 30 A.D. So get to work actively resting in that!!!

Mark 8:14-21

“–don’t you remember?”

“You still don’t get it?”

Oh how soon we forget the goodness and provision of God. This is why we remind each other constantly of His love for us.

In this passage, the disciples are mumbling among themselves that the Master must be concerned that they¬†forgot to bring bread with them and only had one loaf in the boat. This, soon after they witnessed Him feed the 5,000 with a kid’s lunch and then take up a dozen baskets of leftovers.

Oh how soon we forget.

Modern neuroscience is showing the powerful positive effects on our brains that appreciation gives us. Appreciation memories are huge in our outlook on life, on our happiness. Remembering the good we can be thankful for–times when God obviously moved in our life, the fact that He is always glad to be with us–all bring us joy and rewire our brains for happiness. We must be intentional in this. Make it a point of regularly going to places of appreciation in your mind, as God has created our brains to work in this manner, toward¬†peace.

May we all be contemplative activists.

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