February 10 / Proverbs 10 / Mark 13

stay alert1

Proverbs 10:24

The nightmares of the wicked come true; what good people desire they get. [MSG]

The ungodly, those who do not think of God first in every situation, live in fear. The godly, those who view everything thru the filter of YHWH, live in hope. Relying on God and trusting Him to accomplish what needs to be done brings comfort. Relying on self to do it all brings fear and anxiety.

I vacillate between godly and ungodly everyday. But I’ve noticed in my intentional pursuit of godliness that I am relying on myself less and less and, therefore, looking to God more and more, which brings great peace. Choosing to actually trust God in any situation, and hand things over to Him, knowing He wants my best, is a comfort beyond words. I’ve been learning and practicing giving every darkness, frustration, and annoyance to Him and experiencing a joy and tranquility in the midst of it. Isn’t that what the world wants? Isn’t that what everybody needs and craves? Peace via holy attachment. He is the God of all comfort, and wants to be that for each of us.

Will you let Him?

Mark 13:33

Keep watch, stay awake. You don’t know when the moment will arrive.¬†[Kingdom NT]

Don’t let anyone mislead you. Always operate from the Source. Be on alert. Watch and pray!

This is the way to stay on your game and keep away from sin and the trouble it brings to your life.

Jesus tells us many times to stay awake, to stay alert. Therefore this must be a key to living this life. So let’s pay attention to what He says here. I think this is referring to what we now call living in the moment. For the watchful Christian, nothing really takes you by surprise. It’s hard to imagine Jesus saying, “I did NOT see that coming!” For He was always alert and in the present moment, paying focused attention to said moment and to His Father. He paid¬†focused attention to the hearts of people in every situation, even when He was tired. Thinking here of the times His followers wanted to send people away-crowds, children-but Jesus cared for them as people, even in those weary moments.

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