Book Review

When Faith Becomes Sight: Opening Your Eyes To God’s Presence All Around You

by Beth and David Booram


Profound Guidance For Your Journey Toward God

Gentle and wise guides.

This is who Beth and David Booram are, and you are privileged to experience the rich benefit of their spiritual guidance—should you choose to dive in and feast upon this magnificent book.

Decades of spiritual experience, learning, and teaching are beautifully transposed into words on paper that I found to be penetrating and invigorating. It is difficult to translate the deep work of spiritual direction, healthy introspection, & God-seeking into book form in such a way in which you can feel it and be powerfully moved by it. But this Beth and David have done incredibly well with “When Faith Becomes Sight.”

In this work, they are quite effective with assisting you in attuning your heart’s receptors to God—God at work in the world at large, yet also in those tiny, difficult-to-detect recesses of your inner self.

One of the many qualities I love about this book is how the authors help you–wherever you may be on your journey–look deep within, yet without falling into an unhealthy introspective self-absorption. They consistently keep the focus of the subtitle, “Opening Your Eyes To God’s Presence All Around You”, ever in front of you, while simultaneously leading you on a journey of vitally efficacious self-knowledge. Another quality I must mention are the imaginative accounts of Scriptural narratives throughout the book. They are transcendently vivid and palpable, giving you a different and exciting lens through which to meditate upon the sacred text.

Just one of the highlights that was especially helpful to me was this sentence from Chapter 12 entitled “Befriending Desire”:
“Surprisingly we discover that desiring isn’t primarily about fulfilling. Desire is a powerful spiritual energy that moves us toward God and the life we were created to live.” And their reflection on Jesus’s many “Parables of Desire” was eye-opening—”Isn’t he emphasizing that desire is a powerful force within us that can propel us toward God and the desires God has for us?”

If you’re looking for authentic assistance in attuning to God and, therefore, your truest self, this book will be amazingly helpful, for it has been lovingly poured forth by two very loving, gentle, & wise spiritual guides.

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