Audience of One

1 Thessalonians 2:4

Rather, we speak as people whom God has validated to be entrusted with the gospel; not with a view to pleasing people, but in order to please God, who validates our hearts.

Only God can really validate our hearts, knowing exactly what our motivation is.

People validate our ego, our pride–not necessarily intentionally.

Pleasing people can feel fulfilling, but a smile from God is fulfilling.

Doing everything for an audience of One is the surest remedy for the stress involved with trying to make people happy with you, like you, think you’re impressive…

All attempts to obtain significance and worth from anywhere but God are, in the end,  depressingly futile.

But resting in and operating out of  your identity in Christ and in who you are because of who God is—that is exhilaratingly empowering.

Satisfying, like nothing else.

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