April 26 / Proverbs 26 / Matthew 26

Matthew 26:12,31

When she poured this ointment on my body, you see, she did it to prepare me for my burial.

Then Jesus said to them, “You are all going to stumble tonite because of Me. This is what the Bible says, you see: I shall strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.

Scripture is extremely profound and filled with a measureless quality of deep, below-the-surface meaning. This is good reason it is to be studied, meditated upon, and memorized.

It is written by the Holy Spirit, therefore it is to be read on the spiritual level to be truly assimilated. Read it from the receptive heart, not just the logical mind.

The Holy Spirit teaches us via Scripture if we take the time and effort to allow Him to move in our hearts through it.

I absolutely love the Bible. I love reading it, studying it, memorizing it, meditating upon it. You will find no written word more powerful, for it is alive with the breath of God.

But, for the record, I love the person it points to even more.

Proverbs 26:1

Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool.

olaf beach

Snow never occurs in the summer in Palestine, and rain is an extremely rare event during the harvests of spring and summer. The Mediterranean climate of Syro-Palestine brings rain and cooler temperature during the winter months, and the rest of the year is dry, with only an occasional freak shower. Thus this statement is like many in ancient wisdom literature in which the fool is described as “unteachable” and dishonorable. As Ahiqar notes, there is no point in sending the bedouin to sea, for it is not his natural habitat.

-from The IVP Bible Background Commentary


This is what characterizes a fool. He does not have a teachable spirit. Fools are wise in their own eyes. They do not listen. This is what is most foolish, not lack of education, for that is only ignorance. Sure, you can be uneducated and foolish, but you can also be very educated and still a fool because even though you’ve gained much knowledge, you are paradoxically unteachable since you allow nothing to really sink in to your soul and transform you.

You merely know much from a distance.

Which is miles away from embracing truth.

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