April 10 / Proverbs 10 / Matthew 10

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Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. 

Here we have another great lesson on our path to becoming the “Unconditional Love Machines” YHWH is desiring to transform us into. Love overlooks offenses. When we have true love for others in our hearts, we can easily dismiss offenses because we are genuinely concerned for the other person more than ourselves. We are filled with so much love for God and others that we do indeed become unoffendable.

Again and again we go back to the way we see things.Like the pictures above. In the first, does “GOOD” or “EVIL” pop out to you? In the second, do you see the saxophone player or the woman’s face? And finally, it’s easy to see “One,” but what about “Two” and “Three”? Well as you back away from the screen, “Two” and “Three” pop out a lot more. Or you can stay close and shake your head back and forth, which is weird that that allows you to see them a little more clearly. Not sure it’s good for you, but kinda cool.

At regeneration of the heart, God gives us a new set of eyes with which we view the world. As Jesus’s apprentice, we see everything thru His filter, and His filter is love. When you are focused on loving God with all of your heart and soul and mind and strength and loving people as much as you love yourself in the manner of the Good Samaritan, you don’t have the capacity for offense. Your capacity is taken up with so much goodness.

God has shown me in the last couple of weeks how I have gotten caught up in seeing results in certain people more than loving them into the Kingdom. He has shown me what is more powerful and what will actually be a catalyst to their plunging into life in God’s Kingdom. It is not frustration with their lack of progress I can tell you that. It is always looking at them like you would a photograph- in their best light. It is simply modeling the love of God as empowered by Papa YHWH. A love that is safe and irresistible if there is any softness or openness in your heart at all.

Matthew 10:8

You received without paying; give without pay. [ESV]

Freely you received, freely give. [TLV]

It was all free when you got it; make sure it’s free when you give it. [KNT]

We who have opened the present of eternal life [knowing God] are no better than those who have not. They also have the gift sitting in front of them. Perhaps they don’t see it. Perhaps they are scared to open it. All we do is our little portion to lead them into opening this wonderful present.

This is yet another help on our road to becoming ULMs. It helps level our view of others, knowing they all have the same potential in Christ. It’s as if everyone has equal access to super vitamins that make the body immune to all disease. It’s not that we’re awesomer than the others not taking them. We just want them to take them too so we can all be healthily disease free.

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