8.27.15–>”Jesus’ Words are Life”

breathe in spirit

John 6:63-64

It’s the spirit that gives life; the flesh is no help. The words that I have spoken to you–they are spirit, they are life. But there are some of you who don’t believe.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fact that Jesus’ words are Life. His actual teachings are spirit and sustenance to our souls in the most practical of ways.

What if we fed on Jesus’ words as if we were starving to death and this was all there was to eat? What if we believed everything He said?

If I understand correctly, the teachings of Jesus as we have them are to be reverently read and obeyed–carried out in our actions, empowered by our life-staking belief in them.

There is not much more powerful force than belief in Jesus as sent from God, belief on all He said as absolute truth against which all other claims are to be measured against, and the doing of everything Jesus said to do. See the end of Matthew 7.

Jesus made over 1,900 statements that were recorded. I wonder how many pastors or ministry leaders are intimately familiar with all Jesus taught? How many of us are?

Are you keenly aware of all that Jesus said? Is that important to you? If He was truly the Son of God, isn’t all that He said of the most ultimate importance?

The teachings of Jesus are Life and give Life when ingested and acted upon. Reading, praying, contemplating Jesus’ words everyday is ALWAYS good, ALWAYS life-giving on some level.

Two things I don’t think you’ll regret on your deathbed: spending “too much” time with your children, spouse, or parents, and absorbing the Life of Jesus.

Jesus is Life.

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