8.17.15–>”Oh, and One More Thing”


First off, here’s a quick summarized review of the “Big 8”–some of the major lessons learned in ministry over the last dozen years:

  1. Ministry is simply the overflow of your heart connection to Jesus and creating space for those who are hungry for that same connection.
  2. Encourage one another daily.
  3. You need Sabbath.
  4. The enemy wants you to focus most of your energy on those who are unwilling to put forth any effort of their own.
  5. The 3 killers that keep showing themselves are a false view of God, distraction, and self-loathing (wallowing).
  6. Behind all sin is an unhealthy and false view of God, disbelieving He has our best interests at heart.
  7. It is more effective to ask questions and share stories than it is to supply answers and give lectures.
  8. In general, people don’t need things or even help as much as they need someone consistent who is for them.

And one more thing.

At Outreach, when asked, I always told people that to do this work you must have this approach: don’t do it for the results, as odd as that sounds, don’t do it to feel good inside, and don’t do it for a pat on the back or a “thank you.” Simply do it because it’s the right thing to do, and perform for an audience of One.

True religion is this: to visit widows and orphans in their troubles… -James 1:27

Not to take away all their troubles, for I don’t believe we can, but to be with them in their troubles.

This is true religion.


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