8.11.15–>”What I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Ministry” (pt.5)


Since the start of The Ripple Effect in 2012, I’ve seen what I call “Three Killers” pop up over and over and over again. They are:

  1. A False or unhealthy view of God
  2. Distraction
  3. Self-pity

A correct and healthy view of God is foundational to living this life well. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ was the ultimate revelation of what God is like. We believe that God is love, peace, goodness, holy–that He loves us without condition and forgives us totally. Though Scripture speaks of the wrath of God, nowhere do we read that He is a wrathful God. Nowhere do we see He is shaming or unjust. He asks our obedience because of His love for us, knowing His ways are the true and right ways to live fully, not because He can’t wait for us to screw up something. He knows where a life of obedience to Him leads, and it is a very good place.

This is closely related to a right view of self. Many of us need to repent of the sin of viewing ourselves in ways that are at odds with how God views us. We are of infinite worth and value. That’s why Jesus died for us while we were still opposed to His will. We must call this false view of self what it is–sin. It is wrong to view yourself under the microscope of shame and judgement. And until you repent of viewing yourself through your own or someone else’s eyes, as opposed to God’s eyes, you will remain stuck and shackled in the sin of that false world which stands at odds with God’s reality.

Distraction is now a huge part of our lives thanks to technology and a million things that seek to steal our attention away from where it best should go. Distraction keeps us from God’s word, from prayer, from spiritual friendship, you name it. I feel we’ve thought and written much on this, so that’s good for here.

Self-pity we mentioned yesterday. It keeps your focus on you and, therefore, away from helping others. It diminishes your capacity significantly.

How do we fight these three? Easily. Remember, the pursuit of God is the slaying of idols . Seek first God, His ways, His kingdom. Feast on Jesus’ words, commands, and life as if you are starving to death! This will give you a healthy and right view of God, keep you focused on what is important and distraction-free, and show you the great need out there and what part you can play so that there’s no time to wallow in self-pity!

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