3.19.15–>”Belief or Trust?”


Matthew 13:44

“The kingdom of heaven,” Jesus continued, “is like treasure hidden in a field. Someone found it and hid it, and in great delight went off and sold everything he possessed, and bought that field.”

There’s a story of the man who entertained the crowds by pushing a wheelbarrow across a tightrope drawn across a gaping chasm. “Do you believe I can do it?” he asked them. “Of course we do,” they shouted. “Who will get in the wheelbarrow, then?” he invited. And they all fell silent.Do you merely believe that God holds your life in His hands, or do you trust His guiding of your actual living of it?

Jesus did not say the kingdom of God was like a man who believed there was a treasure hidden in a field. “Now that I know there’s a treasure in that field, my life is changed! I’m now completely debt-free simply for knowing this information!”

Uhhh, no.

We have equated spiritual belief with mere intellectual assent. From what I’ve studied, when Jesus or the apostles spoke of “belief” in their day, they meant something you stake your life on.

You sell all you have for that field to get the treasure in it.

That is trust.

Acknowledging the treasure without obtaining it is non-life-changing erudition.

Always only for my King

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