2.9.15–>”Graduating from Ignorance & Rebellion to Weakness”


Hebrews 4:16

Let us then come boldly to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy, and may find grace to help us at the moment when we need it.

It seems that once we are touched by God and experience Him in a real way (conversion), that when we sin, we do so mostly out of weakness.We graduate from sinning out of rebellion or ignorance to sinning out of leftover habits, theĀ sin in our members.

Before, we either didn’t know any better or we just didn’t care. There wasn’t much, if any, fight in us.

But after awakening, we are much more aware of our sin and sincerely care about killing it. So we are much more aware of our weakness and, hence, our need for Someone outside of ourselves with greater power and capacity than we possess to fight for us. (The above picture illustrates well what it looks like if we try to fight fallen angels on our own power.)

Of course we can use our weakness as an excuse and just keep on sinning. But that’s stupid. The compassionate Creator of the universe wants to help us. I think He wants to help us more than we want His help.

Do we ask?

Are we confident in His abilities?

I love these lyrics to the chorus of Theocracy’s “Laying The Demon To Rest”:

As the battle rages on and on
I face the things that put my faith to the test
When fallen angels won’t leave me alone
Father, come and lay the demon to rest
When my sword has broken off in my hand
I see the dark futility of the flesh
When I’m about to fall, please help me stand
Father, come and lay the demon to rest

and this bridge:

Where there’s a will there’s a way they say
But sometimes my will seems to get in the way
So You will have to fight for me today

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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