2.28.15–>”What Makes a Good Person?”

What Makes a Person Good?

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“Why do you call me good?”

-Jesus, from Luke 18:19


In the Kingdom of God, a person is good in relation to how much of God’s love is flowing through their heart.

A good person is humble. In fact, the greatest person in the kingdom of God, Jesus tells us, is the one who is the most humble and most serving of all others.  A humble person thinks of others more than themselves. A humble person is not obsessed with them self.

A good person is forgiving. Always. They have a default setting of forgiveness. They harbor no unforgiveness in their heart.

A good person shows mercy, just as our heavenly Father is merciful.

So we see from Jesus of Nazareth, the human, perfect, and final revelation of who God is, that what makes for a good person is one with God’s love flowing through their heart to the point of humility, forgiveness, and mercy. One who lives agape.

I was explaining to Gaby and Zayra this week that what makes a person good is how much love is in their heart. That’s it. That’s how God defines a good person, and let no one else tell you differently. Already I see their little identities being challenged by this ultra retarded culture we live in. The competing voices of idiocy yelling at them (and all of us) about what makes for a good or “valuable” person.

Have you seen the commercial where a small group of women are asked to look at side by side pictures of the same guy standing in the same place, but by two different cars, and they’re asked which guy is hotter? Obviously the one where he’s standing by the big red truck, not the little silver car. Are you serious??? This is what we deem worthy of promoting??? God help us. (And I’m not just saying this because I drive a silver car)

Let’s keep filling our children, and ourselves, with God’s truth of who we are in Him, and that God is the ONLY authority on defining us! That is freedom.

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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