2.20.15–>”Make A Joyful Presence”


Do you realize the healing power of your joyful presence?

There is probably no better gift that we can give anybody than our presence and availability.

Remember, our presence is even more valuable to people than our time. We can give people our time without giving them our presence, our attention. We can be there but elsewhere.

Think of how encouraging it is to be with someone who is totally tuned in to you, as if nobody else exists, as if they have nothing else to do, as if this is their last appointment on earth. It’s wonderful! It’s healing, especially over time. I know a few people like this (I don’t wanna mention their names and pump their ego). Whenever I’m with them, I feel they are genuinely interested in me. Curious about me and my life, asking me thoughtful questions. Not asking me how i am out of obligation as is so painfully obvious with many. It’s so good to be around these present people who enjoy being with me just because I’m me.To be lovingly engaged is just beautiful. It is to be affirmed and accepted.

Think of how God is always available, always tuned in to us, always paying attention. He is the God of all comfort (2 Cor.1:3-4). We never need worry He is on His phone, or needs to finish something up real quick. He’s there, and when we turn our full gaze toward Him, we see that He has been there all along, ready to engage with us.

And as long as we drink from this eternally flowing spring of living water that is God’s healing presence, we are able to be His presence to others so that they may partake, and taste, of His goodness and ever streaming kindness.

This is what the world cries for–to be seen, heard, validated, known, and loved. What if we really started offering that more than simply a weekend show, another Bible study, reprimanding of behavior, and condemnation of beliefs or dogma. What if we were actually Jesus, who was a healing presence, listening ear, and asker of thoughtful, engaging questions? A carer of souls.

I thank you to those of you are this to me. I love you.

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