2.15.15–>”Come to Me”


Matthew 11:28

“Are you having a real struggle? Come to Me! Are you carrying a big load on your back? Come to Me–I’ll give you a rest!”

-Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus said, “Come to ME!”
“And I will give you a rest!” 

He did NOT say, “Come to Bible study for a rest.”

He did NOT say, “Come to church for a rest.”

NOT “Come to group.”

Not “Come to these Daily Meditations.”

Not “Serve more.”

Not “Seek social justice.”

Not “Try harder.”

He said, “Come to Me.”

All of these things may very well be a path to communing with Christ, but none of them actually give the soul rest in and of themselves. If you want rest and peace for your soul, don’t go ultimately to any of those things.

The only, ONLY thing that gives your soul the truest rest it longingly needs and desires is Jesus Christ Himself. All those things mentioned are nothing in themselves. Nothing. But they may be a way for you to Jesus and to rest in Him.

May we always remember and keep coming back to what our hearts really desire and require–Jesus, the person who is alive and active and the only authentic giver of soul rest. Nothing and no one else can give this. Make sure it is always Jesus Himself we are going to, pursuing, and pointing to in all of our spiritual activity, for what else is there, really?

What is it that puts you into the arms of Jesus and allows you to totally relax and rest in Him?

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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