2.1.15–>”All Are Naked”

Laid Bare Before You


Hebrews 4:11-13

So, then, let’s make every effort to enter that “rest,” so that nobody would trip and fall through the same pattern of unbelief. God’s word is alive, you see! It’s powerful, and it’s sharper than any double-edged sword. It can pierce right in between soul and spirit, or joints and marrow; it can go straight to the point of what the human heart is thinking or intends to do. No creature remains hidden before God. All are naked, laid bare before the eyes of the one to whom we must present an account.

I’d like to simply share my experience with God I had this morning. Here’s what I wrote in my journal to YHWH:
You are too much! You overwhelm me! Praying before lectio divina this morning, I uttered the words, “May I experience being known, accepted, loved, and embraced as I come to You naked, laid bare before You.” The words almost seemed to be given more than thought. Then I open to Hebrews to see where I was for my reading today, and it is the section of 4:11-13 where I read, “All are naked, laid bare before the eyes of the one to whom we must give an account.” Are you serious?? I felt Your presence and peace more tangibly than I have for some time. I came to You this morning more agenda-free and less results-oriented than I have in a while. And oh the freedom it brings! How You showed me You are with me in every bit the same capacity as You’ve always been, especially as I’ve experienced in the last four years. 

I felt a true intercourse with You and yet more affirmation to live contemplatively. More permission I cannot deny, more freedom in being laid bare before You. To take that hour, two, or more every single day for contemplation. As You’ve shown me, everything flows from that, and flows freely. You told me this morning, concerning what to do and who to be with, that You will show me as I obey and spend this time with You alone. And my trust in You, in this, is secure and as firm as anything I’ve felt and known. I feel free of so much. I don’t have to do or keep up with anything, but this. With You. I can trust You and what You’re doing and simply do what You put before me daily, seeing and hearing clearly as I sit and listen to You at Your feet.

Oneness. That is what I seek via intercourse with Your Trinitarian fellowship. This You also showed me clearly. My seeking has always been about oneness, and oneness with You. Slow down and just be. You’ve got everything. Do only what I hear from You, like all those in the Bible. Like Your Son. As You did, Jesus (John 5:19, 8:28). You never acted on Your own initiative, but said only what the Father taught You. You’ll show me what to write, who to call, what to do. For me, the only way to hear this clearly though, is to take the time to sit with You. This is unmistakeable.

Your presence is amazing. Your lovingkindness overwhelming.

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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