11.15.15–>”Renouncing Ourselves”

Child, you cannot have perfect freedom unless you wholly renounce yourself.

All those who are ruled by self-interest and self-love are chained by their own desires. They crave possessions; they are inquisitive and unsettled, always seeking their own ease and not the things of Jesus Christ; they are often planning and devising things that will not last.

For all that is not of God will come to nothing.

Take this brief and perfect word: Forsake all and you will find all, forsake desires of the flesh and you will find great rest.

Imprint well on your mind what I have said, for when you have put it in practice, you will fully understand.

Lord, this is not the work of one day, nor is it child’s play! Rather, in this short word is included the entire perfection of the Religious.

-Thomas a Kempis

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