1.17.15–>”Think Carefully About Jesus”

Hebrews 3:1-6

So think carefully about Jesus…

This letter was written to Jewish Christians in the first century. To Jews, Moses was the man, the greatest of the prophets and revered greatly. But the author of Hebrews states that Jesus is infinitely grater than Moses, for He is Son, and Moses is mere servant of God. Holding anyone in higher regard than Jesus is like admiring a finely crafted house more than the person who designed it.

The author is making sure these Christians keep hold of the object and source of their faith–Jesus Himself. He is the High Priest forever now. He entered the presence of God as no other high priest before Him, and now invites us into that same place through Himself. Nobody else can take us there.

Holding to any law, tradition, preacher, pope, book, author, teaching, president, quarterback more than Jesus is foolishness, and will inevitably lead astray. Away from what is truth. The New Covenant we live under was sealed with the blood of Jesus Christ. It is to Him we look for everything because He is everything. He made everything, as Scripture tells us.

May we continually look to Him, the actual living person, more than anyone or anything else, as all else falls pathetically short. Soak in His presence, talk to Him, get to know Him better, and remind each other daily to do the same. Persevere in faith and in following Him. Follow nothing or no one else, for without Him, there is nothing else.


Simply acknowledging that Someone exists who is greater than you and is responsible for your existence. Sincerely making this acknowledgment affirms in us that no other human is greater than us and we are no greater than anyone else, for we are all on the same level–infinitely inferior to Christ. So think no one supreme to you, but think yourself supreme to no one either.

Never lose reverence for Jesus, the Son of God.

Hopefully these daily meditations point you to Him.

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