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No Wash, No Belong

“I’m not going to have you washing my feet!” said Peter. “Never!” “If I don’t wash you,” replied Jesus, “you don’t belong to me.” ~JOHN 13:8

Whenever you’re not allowing Jesus to wash you, you’re not really His disciple.

In that moment, when you’re going at it on your own, going your own way, or following the logic and thinking of the world, instead of as first priority allowing Jesus to lead you and shape you and guide you, you are not His disciple. For a disciple is a follower, a student. Who are you a student of?

There is that washing of regeneration which converts your heart and mind and opens your eyes to who Jesus is, and then there are the ongoing washings of renewal which we need continually throughout our journey; for we can easily become sullied from the dirt of the world and eventually find ourselves in a quite unhealthy state, following another master and belonging to someone or something other than Jesus.

When you allow someone to wash your feet, it is like the ultimate submission to their servitude. It is no small task to submit to the Creator of the universe to be your servant. In fact, for some it proves too difficult. Sometimes, like Peter, we are way too “humble” to let the Lord serve us. But just think about the cross for a moment and realize how ineffably giving our Lord really is! How often Jesus wants to tend to us, to our wounds, and we deny Him the blessing.

How does this look? One way it plays out for me personally is these very writings. When I submissively ask Jesus what He would like to say, and humbly listen for His Spirit to speak, many times He serves me by giving me wonderfully divinity-drenched words which I could not come up with on my own. Thanks be to God.

Daily Foot Washing

“Someone who has washed,” said Jesus to him, “doesn’t need to wash again, except for their feet. They are clean all over…” John 13:10

Peter refuses, at first, Jesus’s offer to wash his feeties. But after Yeshua tells him that if He doesn’t wash him he doesn’t belong to him (an interesting thought for reflection itself–for another day), Peter responds basically with, “Well alrighty then! Not just my feet-get my hands and head and everything!”

Jesus’s response to this exclamation is really interesting to me. You can read it in the verse above.

In meditation upon these divine words, this is what I heard: You’re already clean because of your trust in Me; you don’t need to completely start over every day. You just need to let me wash the dust of the world off your feet that accumulates each day from walking in it. Otherwise you become susceptible to disease and sickness.

Without some form of daily renewal of your mind, the world’s thinking and priorities will indeed attach themselves to you.

This renewal can of course look a thousand different ways. For me it looks like sitting in silent nothingness, allowing Jesus to speak whatever He has to say to me that particular day, and set the record straight again on what is true about GOD, myself, and the world, and show me what are the lies I’ve heard that need to be discarded. Without this silencing of the many shouting voices vying for my attention, I simply cannot hear the beautiful voice of Jesus’s Spirit whispering to me.