God is kind and severe

Romans 11:22

Note carefully, then, that God is both kind and severe. He is severe to those who have fallen, but he is kind to you, provided you continue in his kindness—otherwise you too will be cut off.

It is clear throughout the New Testament that it is vitally important to persevere in our faith. I definitely do not understand the mystery and theology of it all, but I it seems to me wise to ere on the side of caution and renew our faith daily.

How we need to examine ourselves and test our faith to make sure that it is real, and placed in that which is eternal, in the one true God.

It is indubitably a great idea to renew our faith daily, to pray for God to increase our faith and fill us with his Spirit continually.

If you start ignoring your spouse, and it continues for years, chances are she/he will want and file for a divorce.

If you pay attention to your children until they are four years old, then are never around, never building a relationship with them beyond that point, it is likely you will not have anything close to resembling a healthy relationship with your children.

Thankfully God is full of mercy, but I still don’t really want to find out what happens if I ignore Him…

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