Thought Rhyming


As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to share with you the practice we took part in at our last contemplative service on Sunday nite.

It is called “Thought Rhyming.” Let me tell you briefly why it has this name. Ephesian 2:10 says that we are God’s “handiwork” or “workmanship” according to many translations. Some even say “masterpiece” which is perhaps more descriptive.  The Greek word Paul used here was “poiema” which has come to mean “poetry” in its English translation. Now originally, Paul most likely meant “fabric of God’s creation” thus handiwork. But you can see the beauty in humans being God’s poetry.

Poetry in Scripture does not rhyme sounds; it follows the Hebrew pattern of rhyming thoughts. You see this a lot in Proverbs and of course the Psalms. We can actually rhyme the thoughts of our Heavenly Father. And that is where this practice derived its name–“Thought Rhyming.”

The idea behind this practice is to see God seeing you. As we said yesterday, it’s one thing, a foundational thing indeed, to have a healthy and right view of God. It is another, perhaps even deeper thing, to have a healthy view of God’s view of you!

Thought Rhyming is a way to write out, in a healthy manner, how you perceive God is seeing and hearing you as well as what He may be offering you. It’s really an amazing, beautiful, and helpful practice for nourishing your spirit and your soul as we talked about yesterday.

This is simply one way to become keenly aware of, intensely focus upon, and deeply embed the core truth of the universe that we are fully seen, known, accepted, and loved by our Creator–who is unconditional love, whose mercy endures forever, and who forgives us all our sins, because right relationship is more important to God than our most deplorable acts and thoughts.

OK, here is the file (it would be a little much to put right here):


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