The Reality of the Incarnation

2 John 7

Many deceivers, you see, have gone out into the world. These are people who do not admit that Jesus the Messiah has come in the flesh. Such a person is the Deceiver–the Antimessiah!

Do not believe anybody who claims they are developing Christianity, as in, they are finding out more and more what it really means, if their claims deviate from the foundational bedrock of our faith.

This bedrock consists of Jesus Christ being the divine Son of God who became human, joining himself to us, dying for us, and rising again.

Now it is possible to attain a deeper understanding of the context of Scripture via archaeology and scholarship, but nothing changes the foundation of the incarnation, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as God’s Son who has reconciled us with our Maker through his atoning sacrificial death in human history.

When people go out on their own and say that they know what Jesus really meant–if it goes against the foundational teaching of Jesus as the touchstone, then they have gone too far, and their teaching is of the devil, so they are antichrist.

Don’t buy it for a second, don’t entertain it, and definitely do not support or promote it in any way!

If you wonder where someone stands, just ask them who they think Jesus is–if he is God’s Son, fully divine, who took on our humanity, and, therefore, also became fully human from his birth forward.

Our faith is rooted in the historical God-man of first century Palestine, Jesus Christ.

In my admittedly limited study of world religions, I have not seen any other story quite  like that of our almighty Creator becoming one of us in order to sacrificially give all of  himself for our sake, to be forever united with us, out of divine love for us.

There are stories of creation, of floods, of sacrifices, but none like the incarnation, atoning death, and resurrection to a glorified physical body of Christ. None that I know of.

For further, deeper reading, check out On The Incarnation by Athanasius.

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