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Living In Denial

1 Peter 4:10

Just as each of you has received a gift, so you should use it for ministry one to another, as good stewards of God’s many-sided grace.

There is a kind of living in denial which many of us need to be slapped out of. Some of you need to quit denying the world of the unique blessing that can only be given through you. Stop depriving others of your special, one-of-a-kind distribution of gifts and talents which no one can offer in exactly the same way.

It’s wild to think about the fact that of all 7 billion of us, no 2 have identical gifts and blessing to offer up in the very same quantity and quality.

Let’s be clear about what we mean by quantity and quality.

First off, Scripture lets us know that God distributes talents in varying quantities (Matthew 25:14-30). It doesn’t mean that the person with ten talents is better than the one with two. If anything, the person with ten has more responsibility, more work to do. It seems clear that God is more concerned with what you do with your talents.

What do we mean by quality? Simply the differing types and kinds of talents. Some are more relationally or socially gifted. Some are good with their hands, be it painting or fixing things. Or maybe you are great at organizing. One way to know what your giftings are is to look at what comes somewhat naturally for you,  but is quite difficult or even nearly impossible for many others. What requires a Herculean effort for some easily flows for others.

You have a unique combination of talents. Everyone does. And God gifted you to be a blessing to the world. Now this does not necessarily mean some large-scale extroverted operation you’re required to perform. It will look, literally, 7 billion different ways. Many of these combinations will play out in quiet, even anonymous fashions. But, we perform for an audience of One, so it’s all good.

Please don’t bury your talent. Share it with whomever you’re able and led to, be it one person or a thousand. I believe in that “Good Samaritan Spirituality” where we simply do whatever good is available for us to do right in front of us right now.

You have a specific style of blessing others (doing your small part in contributing to the healing of the nations) which no one else on earth can do. We must all do our part. Don’t deny us the blessing that is only able to come from YOU!