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 Hard heart

Hebrews 4:1-10

So we are bound to worry that some of you might seem to have missed out on God’s promise of entering His rest, the promise which is still open before us.

Today, if you hear His voice, Don’t harden your hearts.

Hardening of the arteries constricts the flow of oxygen and blood from the heart to other vital organs in your body. Hardening your heart to God’s voice constricts the flow of God, and hence love, to and through you. To harden your heart is to make it impenetrable. Nothing gets through. Nothing is received. 

But to soften your heart is to enter a posture of reception and absorption. It is an openness to that still small voice of God that gently keeps nudging you. What is that thing you keep hearing? What is that recurring theme in your head that is calling to you? That inner voice?

If it is gentle and peaceable, it is the Holy Spirit inviting you to rest. And rest comes via responding to that voice.

My spiritual partner and I have learned over the last four years that obeying that voice immediately is best for our soul, for there is something wonderful to come of it, not least of which being rest for our souls.

Spiritual rest. Sabbath.

If you want rest for your soul, listen to God everywhere and respond affirmatively. You won’t regret it. Sometimes it may seem scary or insane, but there’s also a sense of peace in that it’s just something you can’t not do. Sometimes it’s just simple like, “Give this person a call,” or “Go visit that person who has been sick.” You know you’ve heard it, a person’s name or face just keeps popping up in your head. That may just be the Holy Spirit asking you to take some sort of peaceful action to bless someone else and consequently bring you into His rest.

There are a few solid, bank-your-life-on-it truths we’ve learned these past few years of the journey, and this is definitely one of them. Obey the inner voice, and it will be very good. Obey it Today. It will keep calling, but God forbid you harden to the point of no longer hearing it. Hebrews warns sternly against this, the consequences being devastating.

Pay attention.

Listen and respond.

Listen and respond.

Listen and respond.

What do you keep hearing?

How is God inviting you to respond to Him and enter His rest?

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria