Straying from Religion–Gabriela


Ask yourself- “Have I really thought about how I am serving Christ and praising him?”

Sometimes we can easily go through our day without giving God one thought. With jobs and kids, things can easily turn into a very stressful week. It can be very hard to find time to just sit and think, but no matter what, we need that time. Your religion is one of the most important things about you. If you stray from that path and from God, you might find yourself thinking, “What’s the point?” You would be on the right track. What is the point if you stray and become distanced with God? The foundation of our very lives rests in the loving hands of our Heavenly Father. Without Him, Christianity, along with everything and everyone else, loses all meaning.

Now that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy everything else, we just can’t stray from the utmost important thing in our life. We will need things like the Bible and people we love and trust to help and guide us.  But in listening to others and hearing their opinions and beliefs you could find yourself believing in things you don’t really truly believe in. That is why you can have a guide, but you must never stray yourself from the one true person who helps guide us through every step and every choice we make in our life.

One easy way to stay in touch with God is talking to him every day. You can always find something to thank Him about. If you are going through, or know someone who is going through, a tough time, ask Him about it. God is the one person (or being) who has, is, and always will listen to you; even if it is just the simplest of things like how to get through the day. The most important thing that you can remember is that He will always be there for you and that he loves you and he loves hearing from and talking to you.

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