Spiritual Fitness

1 Timothy 4:7c-8

Go into training in godliness! Physical exercise, you see, has a limited usefulness, but godliness is useful in every way. It carries the promise of life both now and in the future.

To be physically fit, you need to do some sort of exercise-type activity with your body. You also need to eat foods that are nutrient-dense, whole, and good for your body to use as fuel for functioning optimally.

To be spiritually fit, the same principles apply. You must train or exercise, and you will need to ingest that which is wholesome and good for the spirit.

Feeding upon political rants on social media is like the nastiest of hormone and antibiotic injected, GMO infested fast food.

Ingesting Scripture and nature and prayer and silence and encouraging talk with positive people is like the most natural and healthy of foods straight from an organic farm. These are examples of high quality fuel for your spirit to burn for energy. The highest grade fuel is of course God’s grace—a simple reliance on this jet fuel is your best option for spiritual energy—humble dependance and trust in God, God’s grace, God’s goodness and solid character. To trust that the One who is ultimately good is ultimately in control.

Sitting around, neglecting to take on the action of spiritual disciplines in order to grow will, much like neglecting physical activity, eventually cause you to become spiritually flabby, unable to handle even minor bumps in the road.

I am reminded of a Sunday School song we sang as kids:

“Read your Bible, pray every day and you’ll grow, grow, grow…Neglect your Bible, forget to pray and you’ll shrink, shrink, shrink.”

A simple song, yet conveys a profound principle.

Are you growing or shrinking?

Helpful Hint: If you do not have a set time and place for exercise, be it physical or spiritual, it is extremely unlikely that you will reap the benefits of any consistency whatsoever.

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