September 3 / Proverbs 3 / Luke 21


Proverbs 3:1-4

My child, never forget the things I have taught you.

I need constant reminders of truth.

This is what we do for one another.

One year ago today I was returning from our first Ripple Effect retreat at St. Meinrad. While there, I was shown again the importance of surrounding myself with pointers to Jesus. We are bombarded by the world’s philosophies and ways as soon as we walk out the door. At the monastery, however, I am struck by how I am bombarded with Jesus, and after a day or two, it’s almost as if it is work to think in the flesh. There, everywhere you look, is a reminder of Christ. The crucifix in the weight room is pure awesomeness.

I understand why it is good to bind these truths around your neck.

Now I’m “that guy” who has a cross hanging in the car, icthus on the front of the car, bronze Jesus on the bookshelf, plastic Jesus in the living room, icon by the front door, and on and on. I want those reminders for my heart everywhere.

I believe God made us a portable sanctuary, and I want to decorate every corner of it with His beauty and truth.

Luke 21:34

“So watch out for yourselves,” said Jesus, “that your hearts may not grow heavy with dissipation and drunkenness and the cares of this life, so that that day comes upon you suddenly.”

Dissipation-a wasting by misuse; mental distraction; amusement; diversion; dissolute way of living especially excessive drinking of liquor; intemperance.

I hear Jesus saying:

“Do not let your heart become heavy with the cares of this life. Whenever you feel weighed down by the worries of this world, I want you to immediately think of me, come to me, talk to me, rest in me. For I am above this world, beyond this world, transcend this world. I am the only one who can give your soul the true rest you are searching for. No one can give you what I can give you, what I want to give you-if only you come to me of your own surrendered will. I made you and I know you like no other person can possibly know you. Therefore I can give you what no other person or thing can possibly give you.”

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