1 Timothy 6:8

If we have food and clothing, we should be satisfied with it.

Do you have anything to eat today?

Do you have anything to wear?

Do you have Christ?

Is that enough?

Are you satisfied?

Or do you [think you] need more?

People who want to get rich, by contrast, fall into temptation and a trap, and into many foolish and dangerous lusts which drown people in devastation and destruction.

And I think we need to cautious not to say, “Oh I don’t want to be rich” thinking always of those who have a ton more than we do. The idea I think is that if we’re wanting much more than basic food and clothing when it comes to material possessions, then we need to take a moment to examine why, and stop ourselves before we fall down the very slippery slope of “keeping up” and thinking we need more than we do to be satisfied in this extremely short life as we know it.

We brought nothing into the world, after all, and we certainly can’t take anything out.

You never see a U-Haul being pulled behind a hearse, as they say.

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