Redeemed From..For…

Titus 2:14

He gave himself for us so that he could ransom us from all lawless actions and purify for himself a people as his very own who would be eager for good works.

God has redeemed us, not only in status, but also from a meaningless life of purposeless wandering and ridiculosity.

We are not only in right standing with God because of Jesus’ work one weekend long ago, but we are saved from having to aimlessly search for something to do,  or for what might give us the elusive sense of satisfaction (but probably not).

The way redemption works on a practical level, at least in one way of thinking about it, is that we always have something to think about, always something to do, that is of a higher meaning than anything we can come up with ourselves.

God is the highest thought possible for us.

Thinking of God, conversing with God, working for God—we literally have nothing better to do.

If we pour ourselves into these activities which draw us closer to Yahweh, we’ll have no time, energy, or desire to do anything stupid.

Like my friends with five or more young kids, they don’t waste a lot of time or energy simply because they don’t have any left over to waste!

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