Powerful Weakness

2 Corinthians 12:9

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” ~NLT

There is a way things work best.

One way I’ve experienced this truth is in the practice of Sabbath.

I’ve allowed my habit of Sabbathing every week slowly slip away, and have paid a price for it. This summer I’ve found myself socially, relationally, and emotionally drained. I am out of gas.

Before this year, I was very disciplined to take a 24 hour period every week to totally disengage and unplug. Come Monday, I would feel ready to take on the world again. It was that effective.

Talking with a friend the other day about this, I felt God saying something like, “Look, I designed your body to require a full day’s break out of every seven. It’s just how I made you to function properly and optimally. ┬áThat is how it works.” Then my buddy and I joked about God saying, “You can try to go against this design…Let me know how that works out for you!” And we had a good laugh.

He then shared how an early mentor of his strongly encouraged him, “Every six weeks, take Friday through Sunday completely off. I mean truly off. Unplugged.” Good advice.

So I am convicted to return to this necessary practice which, for me, includes not looking at any screens or checking any messages for a 24 hour slot each week in order to recuperate, refuel, and not lose relational capacity as I have this summer.

Another friend last week shared a description I really found helpful–that of the elite athlete who needs about 6 months of the year off from performing at such a high level. Nobody can go that intense for extended periods.

It is in these times of rest, which some may even see as weakness, where we are strengthened , receiving power from on high.

“My power works best in weakness.”

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