Operating Power

Ephesians 2:2

That was the road you used to travel, keeping in step with this world’s “present age”; in step, too, with the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit that is, even now, at work among people whose whole lives consist of disobeying God.

This morning I read some interesting commentary on this verse by a couple of the early church fathers.

Marius Victorinus, born around 280, said, “Satan and his devils have their substance from air, that is, from material  reality. They derive their power in that same way, over those who think materially. The prince of that power which is in the air works through matter. He is therefore that spirit now at work through material means among the children of disobedience. He possesses their minds and has dominion over them. Therefore the one who lives ‘according to the course of this world lives according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit who is now at work in the children of disobedience.'”

And Theodoret, born around 393, “Yet he does not have power over all but only over those who do not receive divine revelation.”

This hearkens to Romans 8:5, People whose lives are determined by human flesh focus their minds on matters to do with the flesh, but people whose lives are determined by the spirit focus their minds on matters to do with the spirit.

The resurrection life and power that coursed through Jesus’s body now, “by a kind of spiritual capillary fashion”, courses through our bodies also!

I’m still dumbfoundedly trying to comprehend this.

We have this power coursing through us at all times. Ephesians is extremely clear that Jesus has all power over all things, powers, spirits, you name it, He owns it. But we can operate apart from this power depending, at least in part, on our mindset and the choices we make. Choices in what we think about, how we think, what we choose to do with our time and energy.

The more we focus on the material, on merely what is seen, the more we operate on that material level and in that power, which is not only many times weaker than Jesus’s power, but is the energy which the prince of that power uses. Also, live in disobedience, and you open up wide the pathways for powers of evil. Big fat invitation for corrosion of right thinking.

However, the more we focus on the Spirit, on the heavenly realm, that which is unseen, the more we operate out of that power—Jesus’s resurrection power which crushes all that may try to stand against it.

Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.

May the reality of the heavenly realm be the reality on earth.

It can be. It really can be. And in many places this is the case, even today.

We can literally shut up spirits of fear and anger and contempt if we tell them to shut the hell up via the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

I don’t understand most of what I wrote here today, but I believe it.

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