October 27 / Proverbs 27 / Matthew 27


Proverbs 27:20

People will never stop wanting more than they have.

It is never enough.

Desires are never fully satisfied.

This is why gratitude and contentment with what you have is key to happiness.  And how this is possible is to find your satisfaction in God, in abiding in Him, in filling yourself more and more with Him and then experiencing the dullness of what were once shiny things.  And seeing the beauty and depth of what was once overlooked.

Perhaps what you need today is the relentless pursuit of less.

Matthew 27:39-44

The mocking of Jesus while He is painfully dying on the cross, on His way to fulfilling His mission.

The cosmic level of abandonment He must have endured at this time is incomprehensible to me.  Tho I do not understand the mystery of the cross, I do, somehow, feel a sense of the ultimate price being paid for me.  Someone supernaturally taking punishment for me, in my place, so I don’t have to, so that I can be free to live in appreciation and good standing.  Someone voluntarily experiencing all of the evil humankind can devise and inflict-all the murder, all the rape, all the hatred, all the betrayal-to be able to stand in solidarity with anyone in any age in any possible situation. And as a result, for no other reason than what we call grace, I am now worthy of God’s favor and have no need to worry about ever being separated from Him.

So how will you live?

Two words that keep surfacing for me lately are “Listen” and “Abide.”

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