October 11 / Proverbs 11 / Matthew 11


Proverbs 11:6

Caught by their own desires.

This is one of the things Jesus saves us from > our own desires.

Those who we may choose to call “masters” are the ones who are not ruled by their desires or expectations.  They have not ridded themselves of desires, but rather redirected them to more meaningful and satisfying ends.

Whatever you resist, persists.

Whatever you truly look at disappears, for you see it for what it really is…..

Something that is not God.

Matthew 11:11

Jesus said John the Baptist was the creates man born of women.

Quite the lofty pronouncement.

Yet, the person on the bottom rung of the Kingdom ladder is even greater than him.

If we are executing within God’s rule (kingdom), by His power available to us, then we are amazing and awesome. Because He is operating through us.

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