November 7 / Proverbs 7 / Mark 10


Proverbs 7:4,5,23

Without wisdom and understanding, you will be like a bird caught in a trap, not knowing the moves you made would end up killing you.

Jesus said to watch and pray so that you do not enter into temptation. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Your pants will get you killed.

Mark 10:17-22

It’s interesting that this rich young dude got down on his knees before Jesus. He was sincere, to some degree, at least. Yet he was unwilling to relinquish all, to go the whole distance. He held back and, therefore, it held him back from the kingdom of God.

We think we’re willing to do anything, then Jesus shows us what we love more than Him. And it’s proven true when we refuse to release it. We tighten our grip on what we feel will give us more life than Jesus.

How many times do I do this?

I have that area or two that I hold on to and won’t give up. Yet I am sincere in wanting to follow Jesus wholly.

Wanting…not willing?

Your quality of life is directly proportional to your level of surrender.

And remember, the reward outweighs the cost by a hundred times. That’s a promise. We either believe that and act upon it, or we don’t act on it because we simply don’t believe that it’s true, or perhaps do not fully grasp it.

When you really believe something, you act on it as if it is true, whether your mechanic’s advice or a minister’s words…


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