November 6 / Proverbs 6 / Mark 9


Mark 9:5-6

Sometimes we need to stop thinking of what we can DO for God, and just sit and BE with God.

Sit with Him and soak up His presence.

Listen to Him.

Really listen.

It’s so much better than anything you can do for Him.  For out of that will flow whatever it is He would call on you to fulfill.  Doing without listening is just senseless.  It’s like going out and buying clothes for your kids just because you want to do something special for them, yet you do so without having ever listened to them or paying attention to what they prefer to wear.  Sure, it’s a nice gesture, and maybe they’re “really nice clothes” (in your mind), but you bought something they would never dream of wearing, in fact what they would be embarrassed to wear.  Great job, Parent of the Year!

How can you know what God wants from you without listening to Him?  In Scripture–thru others–in the quiet stillness of your heart?

And the task of listening to God is so not burdensome.

Sitting with and listening to God is easily the best part of my week.

He speaks.

He loves.

Proverbs 6:19

YHWH hates those who cause conflict among brothers.

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