November 30 / Proverbs 30-31 / Luke 17

Proverbs 30:5-6

All the speeches of God are refined; they are a shield with which to take refuge.

Don’t add to His words, or He will correct you and show you to be a liar.

There is ultimately only one place, one person, to go to for truth and protection.

Human beings on their own have nothing to contribute to God’s wisdom.  But, as Tozer advises us, “Listen to the person who listens to God.”  There is no wisdom or protection from the enemy apart from God.  The enemy has been defeated, by God, thru Jesus–not by us.  Alone against the devil and his forces we are powerless and resourceless.  But, the power of Jesus is made available to us all via the Holy Spirit.  We can call upon God and His word at any time and be sure the enemy must flee as we use it in faith.

But we, even Christians, have embraced therapy over mystery.

We still think we must do it all.  Try harder.  Work smarter.  Take a class on anger management.

But is God God or not?

Is His word powerful or is it useless?

Do we actually use it?

Just go to the source.  Take the more direct route to anger management–fill with God by seeking Him daily.  There will be no room left for anger because of how filled with His love for people you will be.

There is nothing to add to the word of God.  We may articulate it in more and more ways and speak of it inexhaustibly, due to its endless, infinite depth, but there is nothing we can possibly add.

We either embrace the mystery that is God, accepting Him fully for His transcendent greatness, kneeling in awe before Him in order to humbly rely on Him…or else we seek what the world has to offer for peace and fulfillment.

If you feel you need or have needed more than God to be happy and healthy, make sure you honestly ask yourself, “Have I sincerely given God the chance to heal me?”  “Have I ever listened to God with an open-minded receptive heart, empty of my own or the world’s conceptions of God?”  “Have I listened to God to speak for Himself?”

If you have, and God failed you, then we are in big trouble.

Luke 17:17-18

“There were ten of you healed weren’t there?”

“Where are the nine?”

“Is it really the case that the only one who had the decency to give God the glory was this foreigner?”

Acknowledge God for every good thing in your life, for it is all from Him.

Give Him the glory first and foremost, more than the person(s) who He ministered thru to you.

Everything good comes from above, every picture of grace and sacrifice and love, it’s Him.  -Theocracy

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