November 18 / Proverbs 18 / Luke 5

Proverbs 18:9

A person who doesn’t work hard is just like someone who destroys things.

We say that what we do matters. This is a big reason we call this ministry The Ripple Effect.  Because everything we do matters and has an effect on those around us, whether we see it or not.

And conversely, what we don’t do matters as well, and has an effect on people.

For example, when the Spirit brings someone to mind, someone we need to reach out to in order to encourage, and we ignore that prompting, it has its ripple effect.  Perhaps that person is quite low, and a good word would have had a tremendously positive effect on their spirit.  Yet we went about our day, not obeying that little voice, and that person sinks even lower into discouragement.

It’s not that it’s totally on us to accept responsibility for another’s well being, but look at the blessing to both that was lost!  Our laziness causes us to miss out on so much that God has to offer.

Not using a talent toward the “healing of the nations” is, in reality, a “robbing of the nations.”

None of us should be thought of as anything less than the potential to change the world.  -Killswitch Engage

Holding back in some way is the same as stealing from others.

Luke 5:11,28

They abandoned everything and followed Him.

And he abandoned everything, got up, and followed Him.

Luke 5:36-39

It’s amazing how many people “prefer the old way” of doing things and like to throw Jesus’ name on it.

We preach against the very thing we say we are preaching sometimes.

According to the New Testament, there are no more hierarchies, no sacred spaces, no special days, no things we aren’t allowed to eat, no rules that we HAVE TO follow…

Jesus did not come to add something on to what everybody was already doing, to put new wine into old wineskins.  He came to put new wine into new wineskins.

He came as the fulfillment, the transcendent replacement, of the Law, the Temple, of Israel!

He IS Law.  He IS Temple.  He IS Israel!

We no longer follow the Law, worship at the Temple, look to Israel for who knows what.

We follow Jesus, worship at Jesus, look to Jesus for EVERYTHING.

At our best sometimes, we focus on following Jesus, more than Jesus Himself..

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