November 1 / Proverbs 1 / Mark 4


Proverbs 1:3

Freedom is not the absence of rules, but the presence of discipline.

I discipline my body to remain healthy so that I may enjoy the freedom of playing with my daughters and not be confined to the couch in a sickly, immobile fat suit.

Mark 4:22

There is nothing hidden that won’t be brought out into the light.\

It’s funny how you can grow up with certain verses & misunderstanding them for years.  I always took this to mean that all the secret sins I have committed will be viewed on a grand projector in the afterlife before going on to eternity.  How painful this would be! Yet I could never reconcile it with other scriptures telling of God’s complete forgiveness & how He casts our sin into the sea never to think of them again.  He throws it as far as east is from west. So what gives? How contradictory.

Then it was so clear to me as I read from the obvious context that Jesus is referring to the mysteries of God [v.11].  They will be revealed in their right time to us. Much of God is hidden now, but won’t be forever.  How did I miss such an obvious truth? Religious and cultural false narratives perhaps.  

The Kingdom New Testament words verse 22 this way:

No: nothing is secret except what’s meant to be revealed, and nothing is covered up except what’s meant to be uncovered.

I think I will sleep a little better tonite, assured that the “Projector of Secret Sins” does not exist except in my misperceived imagination.

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