No Favorites!

Gene Ploss Studio

James 2:1

My brothers and sisters, as you practice the faith of our Lord Jesus, the anointed king of glory, you must do so without favoritism.

The heart that allows Jesus to reign within it shows no favoritism because it sees people not as our worldly culture sees people—assigning value based on monetary earning, status and power in government or business, intellectual prowess, influence with others, success in ministry, impressive talents, physical beauty—but rather as God sees them, having value and worth because of who they are, made in God’s image, worth dying for, no matter what external qualities they may or may not possess.

The heart after God’s own heart does not see through the lens of “What can you do for me?” because that heart already has everything it needs in Christ. Bribe me all you want, I have all I need.

The freedom of needing only Christ to be satisfied grants the clearest of vision to see people for who they are, and look beyond the exterior into the qualities of life that really matter—kindness, love for God, love for people, a gentle spirit, a non-judgmental attitude…the qualities we receive from Christ and can cultivate as we move ever closer toward the age to come, in which those qualities will be eternally necessary and fruitful.

It seems those other things that the world is so enthralled with now won’t be of as much use in the new heavens and new earth.

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