May 14 / Proverbs 14 / Mark 16


Proverbs 14:17

The short-tempered act stupidly, and people who scheme are hated.

Those who throw a temper tantrum–reacting immediately instead of responding accordingly– act impulsively, doing stupid, thoughtless things that get them into trouble.

However, it is more intense, and even worse, to commit acts of evil after long reflection and planning.

Mark 16:4

They were saying to one another, “There’s that stone at the door of the tomb-who’s going to roll it away for us?”

The love for Jesus these women had in them carried them to the tomb despite the obstacles, known and unknown. Despite knowing there was no way they themselves could roll that stone away (archaeology shows the average first century woman was five foot, 90 lbs.), they went anyway. They just had to go. Desire propelled them.

We do what we want to do, what we really desire to do. If we want something badly enough, we let nothing get in the way of it. We sacrifice sleep, money, food, whatever, to obtain a hard sought after goal.

Everyone has enough time in their day to seek after God.

If we want to.

If we are willing to give up something for it.

If it is important to us.

And when we pursue God, He honors it by taking away obstacles. The women did not even know about the guards who had been standing at the tomb who would have surely kept them away–had their little Roman skirts not been scared off earlier by the angels of YHWH.

The stone.

The guards.


Path cleared.

Because they just went.

Damn the obstacles, just go!

The more you charge down a path, the more worn it becomes.

Does this mean no hindrances ever?

I don’t think that. Evil will try to keep you away, yet something much more powerful is available to help you and honor your obedience.


Note, They who are carried by a holy zeal, to seek Christ diligently, will find the difficulties that lie in their way strangely to vanish, and themselves helped over them beyond their expectation.

-Matthew Henry

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