March 16 / Proverbs 16 / John 7


Proverbs 16:1-3,9

Real power, real truth, real peace comes from seeking God and His wisdom, not our own mortal and futile answers to life.

The great concerns of our souls must be committed to the grace of God, with a dependence upon and submission to the conduct of that grace (2 Tim. 1:12); all our outward concerns must be committed to the providence of God, and to the sovereign, wise, and gracious disposal of that providence. Roll thy works upon the Lord (so the word is); roll the burden of thy care from thyself upon God. Lay the matter before him by prayer. Make known thy works unto the Lord (so some read it), not only the works of thy hand, but the workings of thy heart; and then leave it with him, by faith and dependence upon him, submission and resignation to him. The will of the Lord be done. We may then be easy when we resolve that whatever pleases God shall please us.

If men devise their way, so as to make God’s glory their end and His will their rule, they may expect that He will direct their steps by His Spirit and grace, so that they shall not miss their way nor come short of their end. But let men devise their worldly affairs ever so politely, and with ever so great a probability of success, yet God has the ordering of the event, and sometimes directs their steps to that which they least intended. The design of this is to teach us to say, If the Lord will, we shall live and do this or that (James 4:14-15), and to have our eye to God, not only in the great turn of our lives, but in every step we take. Lord, direct my way, 1 Thessalonians 3:11.

-Matthew Henry

John 7:14-18

Then the Jews were amazed and said, “How does He know the Scriptures, since He hasn’t been trained?” Jesus answered them, “My teaching isn’t Mine but is from the One who sent Me. If anyone wants to do His will, he will understand whether the teaching is from God or if I am speaking on My own. The one who speaks for himself seeks his own glory. But he who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and there is no unrighteousness in him.”

I resonate with Jesus here as I never finished college or had any formal Bible training. But guess what, it does’t matter at all because we all have access to the best teacher. That is where our learning should actually come from, not just what others tell us, tho that can be efficacious as well.

We must quit trying harder (trying everything besides God) and start pursuing the person of God Himself. It is insanely good and powerful!!! I have found this to be so true that if you resolve in your heart to do God’s will and not your own, He will show you truth and you will know it.

Whose glory and reputation am I seeking to promote?

If mine, forget it, if God’s, your ministering will penetrate hearts and change lives. I have witnessed this.

Streams of living water will flow from our hearts via the Holy Spirit only as we seek Him alone [vv.38-39].

For we are not peddlers of God’s word like so many; but in Christ we speak as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God and standing in his presence. [2 Cor. 2:17]

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