June 5 / Proverbs 5 / Luke 22


Proverbs 5:12-14

Then you will say, “I hated being told what to do! I would not not listen [My heart despised] to correction! I would not listen to my teachers or pay attention to my instructors. I am close to being completely ruined in front of a whole group of people.

Here we see the uncoachable, unteachable person. Sooner or later this person will come to the brink of utter ruin. When they are completely undone and dismantled. All because they would not listen. They would not pay attention. They hated being told what to do.

What pride.

What arrogance.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I hate being told what to do”? How did that turn out for them? What kind of life did they live? Fruitful? Fulfilling? Have you ever said that? What was your mindset at the time? Healthy? Do you say that now?

What about humbly accepting correction? Is that peaceful?

I think it is.

We defend ourselves and stand our ground because we think we are pure awesomeness on our own. What other explanation is there? We’re in love with our own perceived perfection and can’t stand the thought of being challenged. We think we’re in need of nothing. Well Jesus did not come for those in need of nothing (the “healthy”), but for those in great need of rescue (the sick).

This is called narcissism, and it is rampant in our society.We love ourselves, but not in a godly way. We worship ourselves. I was told once that the Satanic Bible is all about the worship of self.

Narcissism kills joy. It divides.

Division within the family of God is hated by God.

He hates it.



On verse 14, public dishonor had more meaning in ancient times than today, implying a permanent judgement on one’s personhood and social status. Thus being on the verge of complete ruin. But the beauty is the recognition of it. “I am undone,” as the so-called prodigal son said. That was the beginning of his healing. He had to come to that point to have any hope.

“I am helpless on my own, so I’ll go to my father.”

Good. Freakin’. Plan.

The only plan that works.

If you can help yourself, you don’t need rescue, you don’t need Jesus. Until you’re totally dependent on Him, you’re on your own, and that sucks.

Luke 22:19

This is My body, given for you. Do this in memory of Me.

May we never forget that Jesus gave Himself for us.



For us.

Remember this. Often.

What a great thing to keep us on track, pointing True North. Eucharist is a special act of appropriating Jesus’ death and resurrection. It makes it real to us and the body of believers. It is no small thing, far from meaningless.

Be sure to always remember in your heart that Jesus gave Himself, His body, for you, for us, to reconcile us to God. We can be in relationship with our almighty Creator only due to the end-all, be-all sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth.

He got the total beat down for YOUR sin. Not just your sins, but your sin. He saves you from your sin nature. And He alone saves you. On your own, you can only sin. But in His strength, you can do great good in this world. Only in dependence on Him.

This is so much to wrap my head around, but one practical way I see this play out is recognizing my utter powerlessness in a given situation and asking God for divine help, and then trusting fully that He is indeed going to help me. Trusting that He is Love, loves me, is for me, and is willing and happy-as-happy-can-be to help me.

I do not feel as tho it is some egomaniacal power trip for YHWH, but rather cosmic and unconditional Love that looks forward to being there for me in every situation I acknowledge Him in. Ask and you shall receive. Ask believing.

It is so very important to know God. To know what He is like, as revealed thru Jesus. (To “know” in the Hebrew Scriptures meant to be in deeply intimate relationship with the other. This is why we talk/joke about knowing someone in the biblical sense as referring to sexual intimacy.)

It would be odd if we told our spouse or other loved ones that we wanted to spend time with them and experience their fellowship regularly but did not want to know anything about them-their characteristics, accomplishments, personal histories, likes and dislikes, and plans for the future.

Yet when it comes to God, people often imagine it is possible to have a personal relationship with God apart from theology.

-Michael Horton

And remember, the word theology simply means “the study of God.” That is a good thing. How can you have a quality relationship with someone you know very little about?

I believe God wants us to know all we can about Him while spending exuberant amounts of quality time with Him.


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