June 26 / Proverbs 26 / John 19


John 19

Rich symbolism.

It was about midday. v.14

Scholars tells us that the lambs for the Passover meal were beginning to be slaughtered around noon on Friday.

Jesus begins to be slaughtered around noon on Friday.

For us.

Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Hyssop. v.29

A hyssop branch was used at the very first Passover to spread the blood of the sacrificial lamb on the doorposts so that the angel of death would not take the life of the firstborn sons.

A hyssop branch is used here to offer Jesus a drink while He hangs in agony on the cross.

For us.

To make us right with God.

Further symbolism showing that He is the one, last, ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity.

There is no other way.

There is nothing you can do.

You are hopeless and helpless without a go-between.

There is no other way.

There is no plan B.

This is the ultimate love story.

Jesus did what we in no way can do ourselves. He bound the strong man [devil] of the house [world] and then plundered it (Mt.12:29). There is just no way you bind the devil and sin on your own, in your own power. But, he has been bound by Jesus, and the power to choose what is right and overcome sin is at our fingertips. We still try hard on our own today. We use our own power. We must move away from that mentality and rely on the power of God to live this life of victory and freedom that has been won for us.

For us.

Sin has no power over a believer in Jesus, a relier on Jesus, except that which we willingly give it.






Be confident in.


Proverbs 26:12

Do you see persons wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for fools than for them.

The writer just spent eleven verses expounding on the “notch-above-worthlessness” of fools. “Fools” in the Bible mostly refers not to those with intellectual deficiency, but those who are morally perverse and therefore in a state of rebellion against God. We get a sense that there is no hope for them while residing in this state.

Yet someone who thinks too highly of themselves and does not receive instruction is in an even more hopeless state than these fools! The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were worse off than the morally depraved in that they thought they were all that and a bag of chips and had arrived on their own piety.

Are you teachable?

Are you coachable?

If not…

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