Judge In-House

1 Corinthians 5:6-13

Why should I worry about judging people outside? It’s the people inside you should judge, isn’t it?

God judges the people outside.

Judging people outside the church is kinda like getting upset with someone who gets lost in the woods with no compass.

God will judge accordingly those who do not trust in Him. That is not something we need stress about.

But what we do need to take responsibility for are our plentiful in-house problems. It is our task to discipline those “inside the fold”—those who claim to be followers of Jesus in our church community.

Like iron sharpening iron, we hold each other to what we say we believe in. And we do this for the good of each other. If I start going off the rails, I sure hope one or more of you will do everything to stop me!

In Ripple Effect meetings we always made it clear that we are here to encourage one another AND call each other out when needed.

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