heart in sky--VIVID

This morning, I kept having the thought that, “I am how much I love.”

 For a while now, I’ve reflected on what makes a someone a good person, and I feel strongly that it is proportional to the measure of love in one’s heart for God and for all people, and then living a life of a servant, a life of love.
It seems to me that it is like a good God to make the only requirement in life something that all 7 billion people on the planet are capable of–LOVE.
Not everyone can read.
Not everyone can walk.
Not everyone can do long division in their head.
Not everyone can bench press 300.
Not everyone can have children.
Not everyone can be physically beautiful.
But EVERYONE can love God and others.
And everyone CAN live out of that love.
But oh how we enjoy taking that list above, along with a thousand other categories, and parsing everyone out according to it, when the only category that truly matters is the amount of love someone has in their heart, and guess what–>>no one but God can really know someone’s heart (I Sam.16:7).
The more we focus on, and therefore expend energy toward, loving God and people from the depths and sincerity of our innermost, honest core, and being FOR them, the less room and even desire we will have leftover to judge, categorize, critique, and condemn them.
What’s interesting to me is that I looked back to see what I wrote one year ago today,
and it was pretty much the same thing, the same thoughts.
So I figured this was something that is important for today and will also share from last year’s thoughts:
Who am I?
What defines me?
It is how much of God is flowing through me…
It is NOT my body
It is NOT my vocation
It is NOT my family
It is NOT my culture
It is NOT my beliefs
It is NOT my sense of humor
It is NOT even my role, as father or husband [?] Really?
What defines me is my Maker.
The Source of my life.
And that is Love….
So love defines me?
How much of the Divine’s love flows through me..
We were begun/initiated into being by ultimate, unconditional Love
To love. To be loved, by Him.
The Creator sets the parameters of His/Her creation…designates the purpose of what He/She has brought into existence.
Find that. You find who you are. Who you really are.
If He creates us out of love, to be in loving relationship with Him, then this is how
we were designed to optimally function and live.
To see all people as precious children of His, equal in worth to me,
with the same needs and wants in life as mine…worthy of my respect…
God and His love pervade the aforementioned non-identities to the degree of my surrender
and removal of obstructions to it.
So I am still me, with a unique personality, but more me…the True Me, as God intended >
A God-reflecting Me.


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