Humble Reliance on the Spirit

1 Corinthians 2:13-14

We don’t use words we’ve been taught by human wisdom, but words we’ve been taught by the spirit, interpreting spiritual things to spiritual people.

Someone living at the merely human level doesn’t accept the things of God’s spirit. They are foolishness to such people, you see, and they can’t understand them because they need to be discerned spiritually.

~New Testament For Everyone

You need God’s spirit in order to accept or understand anything that comes directly from God.

God’s wisdom does not fit into the worldly mind.

A humble reliance on the Holy Spirit is required to comprehend and appropriate the Word of God.

For me this reliance looks like humble, preconceived notion-free listening, in the type of humility that sits in reverential awe before the King of kings, the Maker of the universe. Yet this humble listening is confident in the love of God, and God’s desire to communicate with us—on the level of spirit, as God is spirit. So it has the quality of what we could call a holy expectancy with it.

I believe God made us able to know Him and commune with Him, but on His terms, and through His Spirit, and only as She allows and sees fit.

How often in Scripture do we see how much God loves, rewards, and reveals to the humble.

And how little is given to the arrogant.

Oh may we never profess to know even one little thing about God if it did not come to us through the Holy Spirit…and in humble reliance upon God’s spirit.

How do you open yourself to God’s spirit?

What do you receive when you do?

What do you hear?

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