God is God, I’m Not

Romans 9:16 & 20

So, then, it doesn’t depend on human willing, or on human effort; it depends on God who shows mercy.

Are you, a mere human being, going to answer God back? “Surely the clay won’t say to the potter, ‘Why did you make me like this?'”

This is one of those chapters that, after reading, I am compelled to simply bow, no–kneel, no…lie prostrate on the ground in reverential silence, and pray, “You are God, and I am not.”

It is a good reminder to be very careful of making God in our own image, to our desired specifications.

We cannot control God, and we cannot predict everything God will do. And we cannot say, “God sent that hurricane on those people because…”

But you know what we can do?

Humbly submit in trembling reverence to God’s incomprehensible awesomeness.

This might be a good chapter to read if you’re getting too comfortable in thinking you control more outcomes than you do, or too smug in your certainty of exactly how God operates.

News Flash: None of us really know or can comprehend all of what God is doing and how He/She is working it all out in this complex mosaic of history, space, and time.

Yes, we can absolutely know God through Christ, and even take on the mind of Christ, but that still doesn’t mean we understand it all, and never puts us in the position of God!

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