Encouragement—What God Has Done

Acts 21:19-20

He greeted them and laid out before them everything which God had done through his ministry among the Gentiles, telling it all step by step.

They praised God when they heard it.

This is the highest level of encouragement for me—hearing what God is doing in the world. It causes a praising of God to well up and spring forth from inside you, bolstering your faith.

I don’t wanna so much about hear what people are doing. I hear that a zillion times every week. I want to hear what God is doing through people. That is information not as readily available.

Hopefully this is what our Sunday gatherings are full of, just as it appears it was in these early days of Christianity. Total focus on God and what He is up to, encouraging one another through the stories which are, we pray, plentiful.

God is doing so much everyday everywhere. May we bring constant attention to it in order to drown out those loud voices of doom and gloom thrust in our faces at every turn.

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