Do What You Can, Not What You Can’t

2 Corinthians 8:12

If the eagerness is there, you see, the deed is acceptable, according to what you have, not according to what you don’t have.

Couple things here—Eagerness to do good is great, but if it is not acted upon, it remains only an impulse. If you get the urge to call someone to encourage them (likely from the Holy Spirit), but do not do it, it remains an impulse and the person receives no tangible invigoration from you.

So first off, follow up impulses eagerly with the deed which they call you to. This you will not regret, and you’ll probably make someone’s day.

Second, be fine with doing what you can do, and do not feel guilt over any inability to do what others may be able to do.

We are not called to give what we don’t have. And focusing upon this will serve only to paralyze you from doing what you can and should do in and for the world.

The flip side is also true. Over the weekend, the Spirit whispered to me, “It is not necessary to live according to others’ limitations.” Sometimes I feel some sort of illogical guilt over being able to do things other people cannot do, and then it holds me back unnecessarily. Some people have severe physical limitations. Does that mean I shouldn’t exercise in order to take care of my body?

We do not need to feel bad that we have abilities that others do not possess. We are all uniquely blessed so that we can all uniquely bless each other. If we all had the exact same talents and abilities, it would get boring real quick.

We say we want everything to be fair and equal, but do we really? It appears God has chosen to distribute according to His divine wisdom and in a way that motivates us to all work together and fill in each others’ gaps.



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