December 2 / Proverbs 2 / Luke 19

Proverbs 2
“God’s created order is designed to crush you if you resist.” -Miguel Mesa
Utilizing the laws of the universe, as set by YHWH, means non-resistance and acceptance of what is. The sooner you go here, the sooner you will experience peace and wisdom.
Jesus was one with the Father and lived a life of non-resistance to Him and His order every moment.  He was what some would call a “Master” at a very young age.  You don’t have to be really old to be very wise, if you would but surrender to YHWH’s rule early on. As Indiana Jones said, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

But many do not choose to surrender until much later in life and through much suffering, which is a major path to growth- if you accept it without resistance. Keep in mind the difference between acceptance and complacency.  Acceptance involves that which you cannot change–the great “unfixables” of life.  Wisdom is seeing these things, acknowledging them head-on and facing them (no matter how painful), and then moving on to proper and right action.  And it is only after this acknowledging and the facing of these unfixables (acceptance) that the proper action is even possible. Resistance, as well as denial, is futile.Complacency is related to that which you can change, that which you can do something about.  Until you have enough discontent with your situation, you will not move into action.  Not all discontent is bad.  There is a holy discontent out of which desire is born.  And it is this desire, this longing for more, that moves us into action. Only when you have reached a place of being wholly discontent with the physical shape you are in, will you move into action and start doing whatever it takes to eat healthily and exercise consistently.  Only when you are wholly discontent with what this world has to offer will you move into the action of seeking after God and what He has to offer from His kingdom, which is not of this world.

If you are not taking action in any given situation, then you must face the painful truth that you are content with where you are.

Whether it be the shape you are in or your contentment with the shiny things of this world, as long as you stay where you are, you are complacently content with the situation and will not move forward until desire is birthed.

Luke 19:8
But Zacchaeus stood and said to the Lord, “I will give half of my possessions to the poor.  And if I have cheated anyone, I will pay back four times more.”
Zacchaeus’ giving is a response to grace from a heart transformed, rather than a prideful determination to earn grace through his good works. It was a response to meeting Jesus.


His faith is demonstrated in concrete expression and future resolve (not just present behavior change).  By assuming the responsibility that he does, Zacchaeus is showing a “thank offering expressive of a changed heart.”

Jesus affirms this.

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